Monday, December 22, 2008


Tell me teacher, what is the lesson today?

Besides the 3 R's, are your students able to look you in the eye and see how happy you are to be leaving?

Don't worry. While they may be sad and disappointed that their classroom leader is leaving, they'll be happy to know that she will be well taken care of. Who knew that there was something better than a teacher's pension? But that's the senate for you.

And you're still young. Think of all the things you can influence from Ottawa, all the little minds you can shape. What, that isn't in the job description? You won't be bringing your insight and own decision-making skills to the table? Well, we all have to follow orders sometimes, right?

That was an important lesson you shared with your class, too.

Remember how you showed those young, impressionable minds that it's tough being a bully, that bullies are people too. Sometimes, bullies are right. One bully is right all the time, and we should never doubt it. And bullies never have to take responsibility for their actions. Yes, you taught that well.

And we heard around the schoolyard about another vital lesson, where it's important to stand by your word -- and keep silent no matter who or what is asking the questions?
People come in all shapes, colours and sizes, but those who disagree with our bully, err, leader aren't worth listening to, right? That message was also received.

Now, you are showing the kids another lesson in reality, that accomplishments in life aren't all that important. You can really carve a nice niche for yourself on a smaller scale, but if you tow the party line you may just win the 'senate-seat-for-life' lottery. Remember kids, it's who you know and how you serve them. Being qualified is good, but being agreeable to the terms set by a bully is better.

Class dismissed.

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