Thursday, December 4, 2008


Did you notice that Harper did NOT state exactly what he planned to do today when he visited the Governor General?
He tried to sound leader-like, firm but also without a millimetre of contrition. Even his talking boxes don't deny who began this parliamentary crisis.
My bet is that he demanded a new election, that the current parliament is so poisoned, that federalist forces were 'under seige' and only a complete new mandate would cleanse this wound.
It is a virtual photostat of the Bush-Cheney action plan that rallied the nation for its illegal and irresponsible invasion of a foreign country. This time, Harper has used an imaginary threat by the Bloc to stoke fear and hatred -- as visible on the blogs, talk shows and burnt signs in Nathan Culley's riding.
But proroguing won't be enough. He needs a do-over, and while he couldn't defeat a lame-as-advertised opposition leader, he should be able to crush an opposition that is both broke and fractured. The Conservatives have the money, and in could not spend it all overwise. In the meantime, he's put the Governor-General in an incredible hot seat, selling his advice as the necessary tactic required to save Parliament - a parliament that he has refused to work with.
There is no depth he won't plunge to disengage our current democracy. His distaste for the parliamentary system is noted. A man who states proudly that he could care less if Canada had one, two or 10 national governments is now in the driver's seat.
Although I have not wholly embraced the idea of this awkward coalition between Stephane Dion and Jack Layton, I do see merits to a new voice that could speak above the din that Harper is cheerleading (and his media mouthpieces) on. However, the only realistic option I believe is for the Governor General to prorogue, to try and let saner voices take control. And hopefully, forces inside the Conservative tent will come to the realization that Harper's designs are not in the best interest of the Canada that most of them love.


penlan said...

Earlier, around the time Harper went in to the GG's, Don Newman was interviewing Baird & this is what Baird said:

"We will go over the heads of the opposition AND the GG & take it to the people to decide."


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