Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Buried beneath the list of bland, if somewhat mildly accomplished humans, power-hungry Stephen Harper has plucked a secret weapon in his battle against the scourges of ancient justice.

The only means to eradicate the chief thorn in his search for all-encompassing power is the senate, which labours slowly and meticulously over his hastily sketched and nefariously crafted bills.

Under the guise of democracy and renewal, he has snuck in four among 18 who at first believe Harper's intentions are honest and plan to fight for the Forces of Reform: Mister Elastic, aka Reed Richards, who can help Harper stretch the truth to convoluted and awesome lengths! Invisible Girl, aka Sue Storm, who disappears and sneaks up on you with invisible powers! The Human Torch, aka Johnny Storm, who fights back with super-heated kung-fu powers! And the Thing, aka Ben Grimm, who can crush opposition with his sizeable mandibles!

Together, they do Harper's deeds in disrupting the House of Sober Second Thoughts. But can anyone end Harper's destructive rage on democracy?

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