Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Where's a good size 11 oxford when you need it?
Would our 24-7 partisan distempered PM take a shoe for his cause?
Because that's what I felt was warranted after hearing the typical pap-and-smear by Deceivin' Stephen Harper on his home-team network ConTV tonight.

He took to the airwaves over the past week, trying to remake his scuffed image. An image that even some right-wing writers couldn't polish clean after his disgusting attempt to incite a unity crisis from the pot of political soup he stuck his foot in.

He told CTV last night that the coalition of Liberals and NdPers were trying to overthrow the elected government:

"We only found out later that they had been planning to overturn the results of the election ever since election night."

Excuse me? Talk about paranoid - shouldn't he be implementing the War Measures Act if that's the case? But as I recall it, all the other party leaders made their concession speeches, telling Harper they were ready and willing to work with him. Even that ol' so-called leader made like he wanted to work with the House he was dealt... until hours after his Throne Speech was passed.

By trying to stab at his opposition on the first real day of work, Harper chose to ignore that result. While the coalition idea has in a few polls appeared unpalatable, the overwhelming majority on Oct. 14th thought Stephen Harper as PM was unpalatable, too.

It seems that Harper is the one who isn't pleased with our democratic system. But that's just him being Harper. Back in 2004, when he was "threatening to overturn the results of the election" by working out a coalition agreement with Layton and Duceppe, the electorate were wrong again.

If he had his choice, he would continue to ignore the current economic storm and demand we continue to vote until he got his majority. An election after an election after an election. More people would stay home until he and his bitter core of CON-verts got the power they demanded.

That doesn't sound like responsible government. Sowing the seeds of dissent in Quebec and out west also isn't what we expect from our governments, but hey, Harper's willing to throw that in free of charge.

It appears to me responsibility is not part of the Harper DNA.

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