Sunday, December 21, 2008


While they decry - but didn't campaign on it - the idea of public-funding for political parties, apparently the CONs see nothing wrong with taxpayers footing the bill for their legal fees in the case where Elections Canada says they've overspent their allowable limit (in the 2006 campaign)... Just as they were doing fancy footwork to avoid turning over documents before (with the end result being the RCMP making a pleasant appearance at their office), Harper's lawyers are taking the shady alley in hopes of drawing out a inconclusive judgement.

Where have all the CON-voluters gone who were bragging this would end out absolving the CONs? Crickets of late.

Should the CONs lose this case, I'm hoping that they'll have the balls to do their own separate fundraising (with no tax credits) to pay off Election Canada's legal dues.

Yeah, right.

And just to make it perfectly clear, I also feel that public funding for political parties needs to be re-examined. My suggestion is that every ballot should have a box -- do you wish to fund your political party of choice with a $1.50 donation annually? Those who abhor it, can make their decision clear. Those who don't mind, can continue.

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