Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Game of Horseshoes

Well, like the Ottawa Senators, it appears the hopes of environmentalists everywhere is facing a serious shiv to the face at the G-8 summit in Germany.
However, you could be forgiven for believing that the whole exercise was a defeat pulled from the jaws of victory.
Our hero Harpor goes in eagerly hoping to rag the puck. His hero, the Rooster Cogburn of world leaders, shows no indication that global warming is on his radar. Instead, his attention seems turned to riling up that shifty grappler Putin. Canada's PM unplugs and walks among the peeps with his new pal from France, tho even the french guy would prefer to be at Le Disneyland.
Suddenly, the right-wingers begin to pull out some surprising statements. They see hope in Kyoto, want there to be an agreement -- a 180-degree shift from their declarations just a day earlier. Could both Harpor and Bush hoping to convert some confusion into currency at home and abroad?
That would appear to be closer to the truth, although the whole charade hasn't quite played out yet. Maybe Bush is ready to quote Al Gore and repeal his 'War on Progress'... Harpor, having read the latest focus group study on Ah-nold's popularity, deems it worth his while to continue making like a faux-environmentalist.
But don't buy it yet. Did you see the German president wince and look quite apolectic, having to stand beside Bush while he makes green-friendly soundbytes? She obviously would have preferred to be having Putin put her in a headlock.
Apparently, the words, as we Canadians are all to familiar with thanks to Harpor's 'My accountability can't be questioned' attitude, are easy to translate.
Bush and Harpor are playing a game of pretend at the expense of Europe. Two buddies having a little fun, hoping to look angelic despite the dirt on their hands. Are they fooling you?

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