Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Is it any wonder why even Conservative supporters are curious as to the motives and meanderings of Harpor and his balloon-headed government?
He hates the Liberals, so he twists himself to be a faux liberal, resurrecting grit programs that he himself authorized for the dustbin. His pre-election mantra was 'accountability' and 'getting things done for Canadians', but his matchstick promises turned into same old/same old, including heavy heapin's of patronage, attempts at secret agenda sliding in various committees and bureaus, and an instruction booklet for his bobbleheads at the committee table.
Now, the self-crowned 'Great Brain' is risking his rice-paper thin credibility on the environment file by pulling back from a German-backed plan on new, strict regulations on greenhouse gases, so as to be 'the bridge' between European leaders and those grimy chimney sweeps of the US and China.
Yep, the same China that Harpor has used as a prop to flex his flabby muscles when talking tough on human rights. Canada has a new gunslinger in town, is the message sent to Beijing, which summarily left Harpor at the bathroom door holding the towel.
Of course, human rights isn't something you'd bother quizzing that other 'bridge' target, the US. No, their snub of Geneva convention in the 'Hunt for Hussein' and now the 'War on Sanity', which has done more for terrorists than a hundred Richard Gere kisses, isn't worthy of commenting. Ol' Stevie is on the same wavelength with Georgie in that vein, ably depicted in the outtakes of 'Everyone Loves Karzai' last week...
No, Stevie is going to be the bridge to the US and China, saying that one can't engage a discussion on environmental issues by standing up to those who disagree. But if you're a fair-game evil empire, who can fill the role of stereotypical unsympathetic brute, Stevie won't talk. You get the ol' stink-eye from the New Captain Canada.
Of course, he isn't above using the tactics of either empire when it comes to building his legacy of 'standing up for Canada' by spending lottsa bucks on negative advertising against his chief rival. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, afterall...

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