Saturday, May 12, 2007


What a difference a day makes.
One day after Gilles Duceppe made Stephen Harpor's day by declaring himself the rightful ruler of Quebec, ol' GD has turned tail and run back to Ottawa.
Seems Pauline Marois casts one powerful shadow, despite being a twice-loser for the Parti Quebecois leadership.
Realistically, Marois is the candidate, if I was a Quebecer who wanted to ruin my nation's future by breaking away from Canada, that I would support. Her pedigree is impressive -- she lost to Pierre-Marc Johnson, lost her seat in the ensuing election (in '85), but resurfaced to eventually become minister of finance.
She has demonstrated perhaps a single-mindedness when it comes to presenting a possible governmental option. Duceppe? Well, let's say that he has the Layton complex, where wheezing, bitching and complaining remain the party line, because there will never be a day when they will have to pay the piper.
Abandoning his campaign before his supporters had the chance to paint their signs seems a tad goofy, but perhaps it clears the way for a federal election sooner than later, thank the Lord!
Duceppe isn't one who worries about optics anyways.
Months away from qualifying for an incredibly lucrative pension, he will pick up the fight against ol' mean Canada and its undermining of Quebec's rightful place among Latvia, Haiti and Andorra.
The only disappointing thing is that Gilles had a special hat for his coronation!

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