Monday, June 11, 2007


Shaggy, let's get outta here!
The soap opera of deceivin', flip-floppery and bullyhooing on Parliament hill has gained steam over the past few hours. Now it's come out that Sandra Buckler -- Deceivin' Harpor's Iago -- attempted to twist Peter McKay into signing the Flaherty letter to a maritime newspaper. In the meantime, Harpor has issued a challenge for those waving the 'lying and promise-breaking' charges best be ready to go to court -- hey, First Nations, here's your chance.
That doesn't sounds like the act of a tough guy. When he's on the perch, he's peeling back his shirt and threating a clobbering, a regular 'He-man'. When others dare challenge him, he wants to run like Shaggy to the courts. In fact, that's the bluff of a coward, often used by double-dealing businessmen and shady swamp salesmen -- because they know the cost and time for court will scare off 98% of all accusers. But as the minority premier of NS said, its the court of public opinion where the big loser will get his comeuppance.
Zoinks! Here's the most curious twist and one where Harpor -- less Velma and more scooby with each passing blunder -- should be force fed some Scooby snacks as punishment: Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador are asking that he honour the agreement signed two years ago with the Liberal gov't of the day. He tells a press conference that his gov't honours government contracts and agreements **cough-cough Kyoto-Kelowna-Atlantic Accord**... But what the maritime provinces are asking is something that he has already offered someone else.
The two provinces, long-time have-notters, essentially had an agreement that allowed them to keep all proceeds from their mineral and oil resources so that they might catchup until the point that they are not have-nots. Harpor said nope.
In Alberta, the Big Oil Co. have essentially been told that they won't have to pay for their pollution or pay higher taxes despite outlandishly rancid profits after years of developing the resource at bargain-basement prices.
On one hand, the people who Harpor once accused as 'defeatist' are being denied what he's giving to Big Oil. Any doubters as to whose names he's hiding on that list of contributors to his first leadership race?

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