Monday, June 18, 2007


The message that the CONservatives are sending out these days are strange and contrasting.
No doubt there could be a valid appeal for their brand name among the NASCAR crowd. But where are the stats that say those people cheering on Bubba and Jim Bobby in a race of General Lee-like powderkegs aren't already voting for the right-of-centre group? Do the men (and women who love mullet-wearing men) abstain from voting more so than the group that support ecological and environmental alternatives? Do the CONs really want to brand those who don't like NASCAR as being less than "people who follow NASCAR are our kind of people. They’re hard-working families, they’re taxpayers who play by the rules."

And what of the messages being sent?
-How as a government they've cut the funding for women's centres and local museums and cultural events, but feel its fine to spend party funds on car races?
-That the environment is still a high priority, but that their choice of advertising involves cars that get 4-miles to a gallon, that use (or used until recently, depending upon the source) leaded fuel, and is a frivolous entertainment, while the global warming is threatening our very future?
-That they believe their supporters will back this vehicle of spreading the 'word', along with negative campaign ads in non-elections -- and despite the fact that all Canadian taxpayers are subsidizing this?
-That their chosen sport glorifies speed for speed, while they talk about stopping those who celebrate speed out of emulation (as one source) in high-speed street racing?
-That a government that is up on blocks, empty on ideas and stocked with flat tire cabinet ministers is trying to look quick, slick and powerful by painting a pinstripe on a fat bloated winnebego?

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JimBobby said...

Whooee! Good boogin', Burl. I sed someplace this mornin' that voters'll probbly fergit about the dumbass NASCAR ads by the time we go to the polls. Bourque won't fergit how he was sponsored, though.