Thursday, February 15, 2007

One more mint...

Liberals appointed partisans’ headline from the National Postisan… What a shocker! It’d be even more accurate had it read ‘Governments appointed partisans’, but accuracy is never the NaPo’s objective, and I do mean objective.
This national embarrassment for a one-sided rag, and I’m beginning to think they do their headlines along the same way as Bourque, and we know who’s flush with ‘headline-buying cash’, just can’t see the true kernel behind this issue.
Political parties when in power make appointments. It’s as old as whoring but less respectable. The difference is that the NaPo’s chosen clan has gone a step beyond, legislating the numbers so that their appointments now have the deciding vote. Since Mulroney’s day – and I hate to bring up that money-stuffed-with-cash chinpiece – the apparatus has been that political appointees hold a minority of positions on the judicial committee. Chretien even tightened up that rule in ’95.
But remember how Harpor warned all those people scared about the Tory-plications of a possible CON win, that the activist courts judicial agents, and I’m using his interior thought process to paraphrase, would keep him and his henchmen in check? Well, he’s taking steps now to ensure to take out that threat – joining the elections Canada commissar, environmental madame and whoever else could possibly put up a fuss over their law-and-order police state-ism.
And courtesy of Karnac, coming headlines for the NaPo…

Caesar’s knife-phobia
Roosevelt was a red cripple
Rolling Stones de-flowered

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