Monday, February 12, 2007


Listening to CBC radio after dinner I heard just the last minute of what was a David Suzuki-Stephen Lewis love-in.
What Suzuki said to close it out was quite telling, in my humble Liberal-minded way.
He was talking about how Jean Chretien didn't sign the Kyoto Agreement in '97 as Liberal leader, but as leader of Canada. It was an international treaty that we were bound to, and admittedly one that we have fallen way short of -- but I believe that having gotten our financial house in order obviously trumped a multitude of other priorities.
Suzuki then noted that when Putin put Russia's stamp on it in '05, it made the agreement a truly international one, an agreement that could no longer be maligned by the arch-right for its being an exclusive, small-power, tiny principality type promise. It was an international agreement that we have committed to.
Funny, while Harpor seems dead-set on establishing the mantra on 'Promises made, promises kept' (which is a farce, but save that for another time) he has no problem breaking agreements made by other governments.
Kelowna, because it was written on a napkin apparently, childcare, because it meant the gov't was meddling in other's lives/choices, and Kyoto, well, because it was a crazy socialist scheme.
However, he has put us in the same boat as George W., he of the "I'll torture prisoners no matter what the Geneva Convention sez" club.
Morally, Harpor better hope there isn't a revengeful and angry God...

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