Wednesday, February 21, 2007


The whining of the right wing has gotten a ring of smugness now that recent polls show a downward trend to the Liberals, and rough numbers on leadership for Stephane Dion.
Of course, the national numbers aren’t exactly glowing for the Cons when it comes to their wet-dream majority manifesto, but much comfort and joy no doubt is being absorbed in how defacto Fathead Harper seems to be casting a large shadow in various queries.
Of course, no one asked if they’d prefer to sit down for a double-double with the the Big Boss Man to talk hockey. Oh and when will that ghost writer (PT109-style) have the Harp's hockey tome done, by the way?
But, its refreshing to hear a lack of ‘evil left-wing media’ blather these days. I mean, the power of the press has been pretty much muted and whipped into various monopolies by the almighty corporate raiders and there is rarely an example of downright leftism remaining.
The Toronto Star is solidily Liberal, just as dearly departed Izzy Asper (oh, how he must be spinning these days) use to be. His offspring are now trying to spread the Harpor truth, in hopes that his majority gov't will open up the media for widespread international investment. The Globe and Mail is creeping centreish, no doubt distancing itself from the insanely partisan National comPost, which takes its job of slandering whole religions and creeds very seriously, while bringing out doctored photos of Auschwitz just to keep the readership on their toes.
When it comes to TV, I can’t think of anyone who leans left. Reporters are proud to proclaim they leave their bias at the door – but I’m in the print industry and have heard plenty of stories and over the cubicle talk with gov’t contacts, how the anus massaging and pleased-as-punch reporters tip like Don Quixote's windmill to the laziest friendly chit-chat.
Robert Fyfe doesn’t even have to fake it anymore.
You might not know the name, but you should know about his biggest story.
As documented in the recent issue of THE WALRUS magazine, in a piece called 'Hear No Evil, Write No Lies' by Andrew Mitrovica, Fyfe's role in helping to tar Maher Arar with the ‘terrorist tag’ is given great spread.
As some medium-grade CtV spin-bot, Fyfe’s one bullet was to take the ammunition provided by bitter and bile-producing Cons-uvatuve leader Stephen Harper and help create the image that the Liberals were nothing but bungling, French-leaning lackies who would let our poor ol’ Yankee buddies down and let a known terrorist into our land. Yep, those red drips were even trying to help Arar out of his Syrian four-by-four squat box. Shame!
Nevermind that the meme of the day — Canada was a haven for whack-job terrorists, some who helped plot and carry out 9/11 — was proven to be as flimsy as the case for invading Iraq. But it was one of the storylines that helped depose the Liberal dictatorship, so at least for Fyfe and his surrogate papa, all’s well that ends well.

Despite his wretched part in that affair, Fyfe soon found himself promoted. He even got to feign superfluous competence while reporting on Arar's recent vindication and compensation for having his life torn asunder. Neither the Cons nor Fyfe dared look in the mirror during that moment. But the saga goes on.
I was watching CtV the other evening and as usual Fyfe, who has quite the record for swallowing Con-manufactured rumour and innuendo as gospel, completed a report on the recent Kyoto bill vote with an editorial slingjob that confirmed the Tory spin. He said, with no attribution, thus giving it the illusion of fact, that the Kyoto bill, if adhered to, would cause economic ruin.
The bill demands that the government make all effort possible to reach the Kyoto targets – that the targets are the goals Canada has accepted in an International agreement and is where we should be going.
It does not say ‘We must burn down our house to do it.’ It doesn’t say that because taking action to reach our Kyoto targets is not all about shutting down industry. It’s about innovation, changing behaviour (like the Cons are encouraging through both their 1950s child care handouts and their crime and punishment bills, nevermind about their rebooted Liberal environmental programs) while also putting together a blueprint that all levels of government will utilize to help save the planet.
Well, after that hatchet job Fyfe did on Maher Arar – with the help of his secret deepthroat, you can call him ‘Steve’ -- there should be no soul searching to see what Fyfe’s end goal is.
But what job could this slanted talking head qualify for?
Obviously partisan joker to King Harper is still available.

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