Monday, October 5, 2009


Okay, the numbers are terrible.
The visuals and white noise that is considered 'journalism' these days are also icky. Although we could complain about the missing ethical compass of the media, who appear to be following down the same stairs that their US counterparts took when George W Bush's team were sliming John Kerry's war hero status, it won't help move this boat in the right direction.
While I wholeheartedly believe that the current positive spin that Stephen Harper and his CONs are enjoying is all lather, no soap, the real concern is that the response from Liberal-land and Michael Ignatieff in particular has been underwhelming, lacking in punch.
We don't need to be George Foreman (sorry, I'm dating myself) but we do need to put the 'heat' on the grill. We also have to lay the foundation for the inevitable election -- which, if the current polling numbers continue to be replicated, is going to be very very soon.
Look at what the CONs and Harper had going for them during their last days in opposition. While they would roll out a very easy-to-digest list of promises/policies in that 2005/06 winter election, they already had a piece to their program well known. They've had the bread-and-butter crime issue -- one that has proven to be a slightly more of a whack-a-mole for them than a real call to action (we still haven't seen those new RCMP members promised in 2006, while their anti-gun registry flies in the face of what the police chiefs of Canada have been calling for)...
While the argument in the Liberal war room is that the policy will be released in due time, likely with the dropping of the writ, its never too late to put out something worth standing for.
I'm thinking the 30-50 poverty plan that Stephane Dion spoke so forcefully about prior to and during the last election campaign. Poverty is an issue that is affecting more and more Canadians during this recession. People who are seeing their EI run out, being forced onto welfare rolls, those who are being turned away from welfare due to 'tough-in-good-times' provincial regulations. Those same people are now being squeezed out of the stats that track unemployment, being classified as 'non-existent' when it comes to seeking a job.
Canada as a nation has built up a reputation for responding to the needs of those less able to pick themselves up, whether its due to a temporary setback or more long-term issues. I want the Liberal Party to be at the forefront of speaking up for those who are falling through the cracks, for those who are seeing opportunity as someone else's reality. And while we also have to admit that there is a cost for such a program, if we talk about it as a vital investment that in many ways is 'wealth creation', turning citizens from dependents on government handouts to taxpaying, healthy contributors to the Canadian economy, I think it is an issue where the party can establish a beachhead prior to the writ being called.
The public and the media is clambering for a reason to like us. We need to step forward and give them that -- let the Grouchy and Less than Good with Numbers Party do their pickin' and grinnin' act.


Joan said...

I agree! Where are all the backroom boys and girls? Some commnenters are able to lay out the deficiencies of this government in simple, factual terms, one after another after another. Is it that the news media refuse to pick it up or is it just not newsworthy when it is not presented in a combative way? Remember Harper, bashing away, day after day, in a very boring pedantic way, about Adscam? I think we Liberals need to find a couple of blatant CPC scams and blast away at them every day. It seems that's the only thing Canadians can focus on and remember.

Anonymous said...

Remember before Paul Martin got his minority government...well the week or day before Strategic consul poll had cons at 42 and libs at 28...they are spinning again.

CanadianSense said...


The opposition has a duty to challenge the government with alternative Bills and Polices.

They made a mistake in January and put all their eggs in EAP/Recession basket destroying the CPC.

MI spent weeks telling everyone this was NOT his job to help on the budget it was the Harper budget.

His job was to ask tough questions and a series of tests.

The voters did NOT blame Harper for the global recession.

The voters are not buying the drama and created scandals re bodybags and unsexy comments.

The Liberals are refusing to take ANY position and have given the CPC a majority until Sudbury.

Now the NDP are picking up where the Liberals did in supporting the government.

Many Liberal friendly pundits have asked where is the alternative and plan?

Voters agree it is NOT enough to have faux outrage and crisis to call an election.

Tell us why and what you would do better. Make your case. Whining about the EAP and photo ops is backfiring.

Stop the Narnia Ads. $ 2 million wasted.

Cari said...

It gets worse. I just read 2-3 Liberals are thinking of crossing th floor, Ruby Dhalla nd Judy Sgro, for 2..what kind of media is this..paid for by he Conservatives?

rockfish said...

There's the smell of blood out there, and the CONs are now toying with the media (some who are thinking they are next in line for Harper's Senate-orgy)... As someone who works in the media I can honestly say I am disgusted by some of the antics and lazy work being done. HOWEVER, in the end the Liberal party needs to take control and show that it is the clear option. When Harper's tape about a majority came out, I'd have liked to seen Ignatieff come out, shrug and say, "So what? I'm running for a majority as well. Let the better man win." As much as you and I know it, the public generally is not falling for the 'hidden agenda' bit. We need to stake out our ground but we also can't let the bad news let us falter either. It's about showing strength and right now we look weak. Like last week's poll, its just a snapshot in time, and there's going to be plenty of opportunities to move forward. But let the leaders lead and let the grassroots pick up the slack, write letters to the community papers etc.

CanadianSense said...

Susan Delacourt and Liberals should look in the mirror before blaming the Tories of playing games.

The media are reporting it themselves.

Bond with caucus. This is a very speculative rumble, but at least one prominent MP has quietly mused to me about crossing the floor to join the Conservatives. Others complain their leader is deaf to their input and trivializes their value. Given that the Conservatives are no longer markedly different from the Liberals in fiscal or social policy, Ignatieff might be more caring of his caucus lest his MPs start looking for another party leader who can do better.-Don Martin

Anonymous said...

Come on Common (non) common sense. The media is using that lame exuse, 'Quote" my sources have said. Unless you can name who why or what, we can't take you or the media seriously anymore. If I want to look at opinions, I will follow the blogs. I expect fair ethicical reporting that has been verifed as facts not I heard comments.That kind of shoddy reporting is bordering on slander and there could be consequences to pay for that. I don't believe or read the media anymore. They have become another source for spreading the Cons propaganda and a another mouth piece for the fake named Cons.No one they are having financial problems.

Anonymous said...

Opps, last line should have read. It is no wonder they are having financial problems.