Saturday, October 17, 2009


It may not be like clockwork, but the CON celebratory mood may be in withdrawal this weekend, although one never can guess just how things work in this great world of ours.
Riding high in the polls despite having created the biggest deficit in Canadian history -- prissied up with a lot of giant novelty cheques with CON faces, colours and autographs -- Stephen Harper's gang has seemingly stubbed its toe again, if not shot it off, with a myriad of cluck-ups and cockamaney selfishness.
Their smokescreening to prove the former Canadian diplomat to Afghanistan is either lying or mis-remembering has caused a familiar bruise with the government's integrity and honesty levels.
Harper's claim that "he didn't see the memo" makes him a liar or an incompetent buffoon -- but its the same kind of defensive play he made about the woman locked up in the Sudan, too.
Now there are serious allegations that Canadians were offering bribes to buy time and peace with the Taliban kind of raises alarm bells. And memories. I guess when the so-called leader of your country can allegedly bribe a dying MP for his vote, what's a little bribe between warring enemies?
There's the whole cheque-gate thing, which pokes a stick in many eyes, partisan from all sides... It's the kind of behaviour that many Tory supporters associated with Trudeau and Chretien-era politics, and the stench of being bribed with our own money, while Harper's grinning idiots pretend like its payola-time, raises multiple ires -- no more proof is necessary by how quickly the government tried to squash the story (going from "it was just one rogue MP" to now sending out spokesliars to say its just a case of "the Liberals did it so we've made the same error").
Of course, the decade-old evidence of Liberal cheque-giving falls flat when you notice that none of those cheques feature anything but the Canadian government logo, no pictures of a smirking MP on the wall-size memento, no party logo and no mish-mash of signatures. Only the CONs were clever enough to run with those.
Now Harper has been discovered trying to ramp up his piano-playing through a link at the Economic recovery website, making a governmental info area into a partisan hootenanny. This after someone finally called him on his out-of-control narcissism, where his photos lined the pages of the site to an embarrassing level.
Then there's the whole 'turning himself into a pretzel when it comes to partisan appointments'. Remember Harper's whole "We're going to do it the right way" and his idea of being accountable?
What are the CONs doing to rectify these items, which alone are barely enough to stir the barely partisan from indifference, but when stacked one ontop of another and another, along with the old ones that Harper was granted a pass on, it's pretty damning.
Instead of counselling their leader with some kind of mental health plan, an intervention on his meglomania and self-professed passion of wasting energy on focusing on the opposition and trumping a few inconsequential photo-shop images, even a pamplet on a good 12-step program? Their scurrying from their holes, howling "This is not fair!" and creating a whole lotta more interest -- even the media, who has done its best to lighten poor Steve's load and ignore his trespasses, knows that where there is smoke, there's fire...
And down comes the sandcastle.

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