Saturday, October 24, 2009


The Canadian public is anxious but not completely sold on the idea of that H1N1 flu shot, which is slowly winding its way to your nearest doctor.
It's true, the CON government has faced some heat over the delays and its handling of this issue -- but I suppose to Gerry Ritz and Pierre Poilievre, those body bags were just an instance of 'lightening up the mood or a lesson on hardwork. Lisa Raitt sees it as a possible great and sexy career boost to Leona Aglukkuq, if she can handle it...
That aside, I've noticed on the radio spots for Health Canada that unlike all things stimulus and Canada Action Plan, the government is going out of its way to avoid being known as the first line of defence. The ones I've heard make point of stating "all levels of government" have their fingers on the H1N1 file. Which is true. But is this a case of shielding their actual function and role, just in case something goes awry? Not that these guys haven't been afraid to share the credit -- especially on good news items. Kind of like it's also true that the CONs were the government which helped cut the ribbon and tried to take the credit for construction of the new Pitt River crossing, despite the fact that the money bill was signed off more than four years ago by a government headed by Paul Martin... It would also seem that they are being overly generous in not asking for their due credit on squeezing both B.C. and Ontario into the HST thingy.
Is it because they are scared about being held accountable for their actions, or that the criticism already expressed has them trying to ladle the heat to the provinces and municipalities?

Hat tip to ScottT.

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