Friday, October 2, 2009


You have to give Jack Layton credit. Despite having little money and a position almost impossible to defend, he likely knocked out a double with his quick-to-air orange spots currently making the rounds on TV these days.
He hits his spots and lays out exactly why he has tumbled himself into a parliamentary pretzel (without quite saying it that way). Now, I fully understand exactly why he's doing it, and most Liberals should be thanking the spiritual one for the NdP for doing just that -- less said about the latest polls the better.
But is it such a novel idea, getting out quickly to head off the dissection of criticism, whether warranted or not?
Let's just say Jack's learned from our total lack of same ... I still have yet to see one of the Ignatieff wildlife spots except on Liblogs, we know the Dion team decided to forgo countering Harper's lies and fictional attacks with a deaf ear. Considering we have some money and Jack's practically working the squeegy corner for quarters, it's amazing that the big minds who surround Ignatieff haven't figured it out yet. They do have TV in Toronto, don't they?

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CanadianSense said...

A position hard to defend?

Defend to the 70% of Canadians who don't want an election?

Defend to nearly half his base of confirmed voters who do not want to the opposition to pull the plug?

A very small number from each party want an election, they are in the minority.

Can you SHOW any demographic, or large number of people looking for an election.

Judy Sgro, Justin Trudeau admits Liberals don't want an election.

Do you work for a sign or printing company with a contract for a politicial party?