Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Apparently, my phone number is on the 'hit list.'
Remember how I related about a canvass poll my wife took the other day?
Well, today I got the other end of it -- a query as to whether I'd be interested in joining a focus group. Hmmmm, I wondered - who tends to rely upon that old-hat art of focus groups?
The friendly young woman's voice said she was calling on behalf of Valleyfield, a marketing research company that would be hosting a focus group in our area.
Was I a Canadian citizen, above the age of 18, and interested in participating in a focus group? The enticement was that for about 2 hours work I would receive $100 for my time. Naturally, times being what they are I accepted her offer.
Unfortunately, this was just a preliminary call - first I had to pass through a few more hoops. Did I vote in the last election? Do I consider myself a daily reader, someone who reads a couple times a week, someone who reads occasionally, or consider myself someone who doesn't read (what I read was left unasked)?
As per usual, the questions then came about whether I or anyone else in the household are members of the media (affirmative - but that didn't stop her), an employee of a crown or federal government agency, and what was my salary (which group)? She asked who I voted for in the last election, and wanted to know if I considered myself fairly aware on what was going on federally. She thanked me for my time and said my name would be added to the list of possible focus-groupers.
I doubt that I will get a second call - my wife berated me for admitting my position in the media, that this would have been a good opportunity to see the inside of one of these groups (as well, I'm not someone who is paid to cover political issues)... But alas, I am too honest for my own good.
That fact alone likely limits the CONs interest in me, as they are the only party with the kind of bankroll to delve into all this subterfuge. But don't worry, I'm certain one way or another, we taxpayers are coughing up for it either as some sleight of hand federal polling, or through the generously subsidized political donation.
I will keep you abreast if anything comes of it.

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penlan said...

Interesting. Yes, please keep us updated on this.