Thursday, June 11, 2009


Or so the song goes.
Today promises to be a splendific day - because our so-called Prime Minister is going to unleash and unplug vaudeville back from its death corpse.
There'll be props a plenty, one bloated michelin man, and the comedic stylings of Jimmy "want to see me pull a deficit out of my hat?" Flaherty, all in hopes of forestalling the official workings of democracy.
The cheering section will include the Asper-ators, all pleading for us to think of the children ("You can't cancel the show - we've only got five more box tops to go before we get all our Harper-centric spandex jumbo checks!") while Harper, Flaherty and Dumbo do their version of 'ShamWow! the Dirge'...
In a rare exclusive, the audition tape of Duffus and Harper working out their straight-man lines was discovered in the bathroom of Wences' Palace of Flapjacks. In it, the two stooges reveal the secret to cooking the books, how attack ads help melt off the pounds, and why apologies are only necessary when mobs are ready to drum you out of your opulent slumber... Now watch and be amazed --

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