Monday, June 8, 2009


The little leprechan is back singing showtunes.
Canada's (poor)finance minister Jim Flaherty announced today that global economic slowdown is looking like a passing phase -- 'It's over, people!' But beware, it's more colourful, sugary platitudes that will cause tooth pain and stomach cramps in reality.
He even said Canada's $115 billion economic action plan was "in place and fully operational" for Canadians but that it is "use it or lose it" money.
Apparently, the mayors of Canada's municipalities aren't getting the same memo.
Expected to shoulder a huge burden of the government's three-headed infrastructure regulation, the mayors of Canada are worried that both the fiscal pressure and slow-to-come federal financing is not getting out as advertised.
"There are too many communities competing for too few dollars, so we're in this perpetual deficit position in terms of the infrastructure gap," (Whistler BC mayor Ken) Melamed said.
Add the fact that the starting gun of the summer construction season has come and gone and only a few "choice" ridings, er municipalities with CON MPs have seen a dollop of infrastructure gold.
No doubt the mayors understand that the twinkling-eyed CON finance mismanager has a habit of hyperbole -- just ask any of the mayors who were active in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Even Flaherty's dramatic Dr. Evil imitation last week, where he paused to look directly into the camera after the "$50-BILLION DOLLARS" rolled off his tongue, was part show. Was it because he was hoping to create a little "Paul Martin-esque magic", setting expectations to be not as rosey as he knows they'll be? In other words, come October when there's a real chance of the opposition parties getting tired of this dog-and-pony show again and putting forward a non-confidence vote, that he'll also have some "great news" to announce, like say, an adjusted deficit of $42 Billion?
Harper and Co. have twisted around on their original principles and contorted so much that many accuse them of copying the Chretien Liberal blueprint. I'd say this crooked CON crew is just in it for themselves, so keep your hands on your wallet and your eyes on the shadows at all times.

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