Friday, September 12, 2008


The image makeover of the so-called CON leader has so far scored major points. Despite a few missteps and retro-tastes of Harper's mean streak -- c'mon, you don't think Ryan Sparrow didn't have the operational guide at his fingertips when he dialled up that CTV reporter regarding the dead Canadian soldier's father, do you? -- he's flying high in the polls.

Perhaps its that family guy image, ala Peter Griffin, with a blue sweater to match his heart.

Funny thing, apparently the 'family image' makeover and the sudden 'urgent need to address raging gas prices' may play well in the short term, but we know from experience, right? It's like that laugher 'fixed election dates', or the always hilarious 'make parliament work.'
But give the image consultant some credit, even if her psychic abilities didn't help prewarn that his reversal on Afghanistan ("I was against set time lines before I was for them!") would result in some blow-back. A sweater on a cold-hearted SOB does warm the cockles, apparently.

Here are a few other of Harper's favourite 'family men':

Harold Kvisle, CEO TransCanada Pipeline, who met with Harper's director of policy Mark Cameron two months ago.

Ron Brenneman, CEO Petro-Canada, who met with Harper key advisor Bruce Carson.

No doubt, they were very apologetic about the summer holiday 'price spike' and cautiously warning that, while the cost at the pumps always jumped overnight when oil's price on the market rose, any dip in the value of crude would be tempered by external circumstances, like, well, storms caused by climate change.

Kvisle, who likes playing cards with his children and sharing a beer with his chauffeur (well, the chauffeur gets the empty), is a fellow Uof Calgary alumnus, like our so-called PM. Kvisle knows about the hardship that high oil prices can bring, what with his 2007 income of $1.175m salary (oh, plus $1.55 bonus and a $3.6 long-term payout) making it hard to maintain his hobby of waxing down all of his Lexuses with fresh poodles. He's also a BMO director.

Brenneman also takes his family man position seriously, playing lots of cards with his kids while soaking his corns in champagne, in between trips to the bank. He had to skimp by on a mere $1.2m salary (and $1.5m bonus, ontop of a $3.2m long-term compensation package), and cancel his monthly caviar enemas. Yep, true family men who have the ear of our so-called leader. I wonder who they are supporting?

I'm sure Harper's 'quickly sketched on a napkin' policy prounouncement on gas prices will be a doozy that will have the energy producers' pre-approval. Because just like a lot of Harper's promises, it'll evaporate within 30 days.

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