Tuesday, September 2, 2008


It's the advice that Stephen Harper has obviously taken to heart.
He began his minority government with a broken promise, that bald fart who doesn't like democracy being hoisted into the senate to act like an untouchable minister. Then proceed to poach a former minister from the past government -- apparently it was a hat tip to Paul Martin, because doing what Harper whined so much about ala Belinda is the sincerest form of flattery that a CON can give.
Economics? Well, no one said he knew what to do with his degree. Canada's economy hitting the skid isn't all the fault of Harper's half-wit measures, but spending like a saucy Hilton wasn't what real conservatives had in mind.
Now, he's ending his gov't with a broken promise. Oh, it's only the fixed election law that likely won't tarnish his bogus image much -- on its own. People expect governments to fall. That apparently Harper's whole urgent drive to improve our democracy was only meant to impinge on Liberal governments.
And what else does chess-playing Harper know? Perhaps he knows what's in the pages of Coulliard's book, which is slated to hit the streets by coincident Oct. 14th. You know, the predicted day at the polls. It's also the day when Elections Canada is expected to deliver a bases-loaded double or a grand slam on the CONs' weasally suit. Of course, suing is also something Harper's very familiar with. His words of 'We made no promises or offers' to that CON candidate didn't stand up in court - the CONs folded like a tent but did get their silence. Stifling opposition questions on the inferred bribery comment that Harper said, caught on tape. Yep, you've got it, there is suppose to be some major answers or at least more questions due on that Cadman scandal due, oh, about Oct. 14th.
Maybe Harper knows something else.
But I know what I know, and Harper's a CON. And that's enough to have me energized.

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