Monday, June 23, 2008


For those Stephen Harper fans here in B.C., life has become a big contradiction.

Most align themselves quite comfortably with Gordon Campbell of the right-side B.C. Liberals (a close relative of the long-departed SoCred Party). Their mortal enemy remains the red-underwear wearing BC NDP.

In their current battles against their provincial rivals, the BC Libs (which include a mix of federal Liberals, CONservatives and even far-right Christian Heritagers) wave the big flag in support of Campbell's Carbon Tax. They'll cash their $100 cheque in the coming weeks as tho it was a valued BRIC share.

But by night, donning their Harper fan club issued 'CON-Head cap', they denounce Stephane Dion's Carbon Shift plan, which includes a reduction in income tax plus a plethora of tax credits which almost replicate Harper's own tax-credit mania from a few years back.

No discussing the issue with a straight face, however. Incendiary images and bluster only, please. Canadians who support the CONs expect nothing but.

Perhaps their biggest secret fear is that their 'so-called leader' will do one of his 180-spins and try to combat Dion's plan with a faux carbon tax of his own. Don't laugh -- many CON supporters were assuring their elder relatives that their Income Trust accounts were safe under Heir Harper.

They line up on the blogs to post 'Dion is the Devil!' and 'Tax Grab!' crib notes, while filing into Campbell's phone cubicles to pump up the benefits of a Carbon Tax.

If they were true CONs, perhaps they'd stand by their principles and rip up their cheques.

But we've come to expect nothing consistent from this gang that has lost its chess pieces...


WesternGrit said...

Harper does have a "secret carbon tax" of his own... Check out my blog, and Harpie's little hidden secret.

I only have one question: where are our ads bashing the Connies on this?

Oldschool said...

Carbon taxes is just plain stupid . . . the Euro banks, the Algore's and many newly created Carbon Trading enterprises are making billions!!!
Who is paying for all this nonsense?
Why its the end user of course . . . No miniscule tax cut will make up for the inflation that will result from these nutty policies.
This must be Liberal Trickle-Down Economics . . .

Cambell in BC read a book by some enviro-whack and got religion . . . hence the 3.5 cent a litre tax . . . but public backlash may cause that to go away very soon.

Remember it the Consumer that pays . . . increased costs in goods and services will result, anyone who tells you its a neutral tax is on drugs!!!

WesternGrit said...

I think people are having trouble with the meaning of "revenue neutral". What this means is that THE GOVERNMENT will not be taking in any more money. They will put back in the public domain all taxes collected. This money put back in the public domain via income tax cuts, etc., will be spent (or saved/invested) by consumers to help stimulate the economy (and feed back to any companies which may have been impacted by a "carbon tax").

Again: please try to understand what "revenue neutral" means. It has NOTHING to do with the "end consumer". What Mr. Dion is clearly saying is that the government will not "make money" off this plan. Period.

Your welcome for the explanation of that little terminology...