Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Besides protecting Big Oil, the public and the media should really wonder just why Stephen Harper and his Blind Mice Band feel such an urge to paint a picture that hasn't even been drawn yet.

Despite solid numbers which show, poll after poll, even, that Canadians want real action addressing the global warming issue, the CONs true instinct is to deny, diffuse and distort.

Well, at least some prominent people are getting their say out to the 'left-leaning' media.

Dr. David Suzuki quickly came out and defended the idea of a carbon tax as a way to reduce our carbon footprint. Now professor and top resource economist Marc Jaccard is standing up and calling the CON ad attack as "just totally dishonest", he's speaking as someone who has studied the issue of how to address and compared the various solutions. Obviously his take isn't vested in how best to confuse the public.

The as-yet unreleased Liberal platform on Carbon Tax shifting has turned the party and Stephane Dion into an easy disinformation target. Last month's announcement has also opened the door for discussion and discourse -- if only we had a government that valued those tools.

Although he's happy to have his photo taken with Schwarzenegger, Harper remains among the dinosaurs -- having only recently discovered the environment as a major issue. Protecting his friends and funders in the oil industry remains Job One in Harper's book. He was dragged grumbling and pouting to the issue, and he's fooled some with his half-assed declarations before the cameras. But when someone steps forward with some real action, the CONs so-called leader is exposed as a fraud.

As with his stance on nearly every other major issue, disinformation remains the order of the day (nuclear safety, hospital wait times, accountability, Afghanistan, public security, etc).

While there remains a debate on whether carbon tax or cap and trade is the best singular method to engage in, our oil dependent economy requires a mixture of both. As noted in the Stern study, commissioned by the British government, doing nothing about global warming and carbon emissions is a kin to suicide -- both economically and environmentally.

Canadians unfortunately are currently led by a government with its head stuck in the tar sands, and an Oil Spot spewing their lies.

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Anonymous said...

So..how would Mr Dion and the Liberals tackle Global Warming? No, really. Cut the rhetoric, the spin and the partisan shots. Figure it out and you win the next election. Take all the time you want. What could Canada do to that would affect the climate change? Now..you think I'm being a smart ass..but..its the question that will hound Mr Dion in the next election, so, answer it for him. billg