Thursday, July 17, 2008

PLAYING BY A DIFFERENT SET OF RULES... obviously how the Stephen Harper CONserfatives think the world works.

After today's Ethics committee circus, Part Duex, there doesn't seem to be any other conclusion.

Heck, even after they appoint the Chief Electoral Officer, their defence is that 'He's one of THEM!'

Kady sums it up with plenty of wit here: praise her and her supplier of Red Bull for all the other bull**** she has to endure, and endure it she does.

Although she stubbornly points out that the CONs hope to drag the Bloc and what happened during the 2000 election into the frey (unsuccessfully), the Blue Men troupe appears to be tipping their hand.

If it was good then, why not now, their rationale must be. Would that explain their own fearless leader's disregard for Election Canada's donation limits?

All I can add is, these are the things we've caught them at. Even the muddling inept -- whether decked out in stylish hats and eyeliner -- can get away with a crime these days...


Anonymous said...

You use the name Canadian Rosebud - do you think that's wise? Do you know what the truth is about Randolph Hearst and the Rosebud name? It wasn't for the sleigh as depicted in the movie.

Check it out - you may want to change your blog name.

(Hearst's nickname for Marion Davies' private parts was Rosebud)

Anonymous said...

jezz rosebud is fine, people should get a life, I see harp got a new cowboy hat, better than the last one, crazy white hat with a vest thats to small...still looks stupid but better

burlivespipe said...

Welles denied that 'rosebud' was a reference to Marion Davies' 'dolores' but that rumour persists. Joe Mankiewicz insisted that his brother Herman did have a childhood sled that he called 'Rosebud.'
But we will never know the truth, will we?