Sunday, January 16, 2011


... So the men who brought us Zero-percent down, 40-year mortgages is now prepared to run through the theatre lobby with his hair afire?
"Ottawa to tighten mortgage rules" so says G&M.
Did someone just clue the economic clueless duo that Canadian taxpayers are on the hook if CMHC's floor falls? What's another concrete belief for Harper if he can't blow it up and do a 180-degree turn, right?
I'm not disagreeing with the latest move, however the experts I've been reading have been clamouring for this for nearly two years now. It is to laugh when the plagarist and faux economist starts nagging Canadians about their debt-load, and to see the so-called leader then open the taps to build gazebos and fake lakes and weekly focus groups on how to demonize the opposition.
Now that we're at the top of the rollercoaster, I dare say it's a fool who expects it to stop to let him off.
Stephen Harper and Jim Flaherty, making it up as they go along...

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