Thursday, January 27, 2011


It seems Stephen Harper's central plank in getting a majority is fear.
He and his CONservative party have played the 'be scared, very scared!' card for a long time, while using it as a whip for both his followers and the not-so-nimble opposition.
His plan to imprison more Canadians -- and not just the unreported criminals of unreported crimes! -- has raised some interesting concerns from the Congregations of Christian Churches across Canada.
Using facts and actual studies, as opposed to Harper's lies and intestinal self-interests, the Church Council on Justice and Corrections are asking Harper to reconsider his expensive, both fiscally and socially, plan to ramp up jail times for non-violent offences:

“We are trying to educate the public and the people in our churches about this,” said Lorraine Berzins, co-ordinator of analysis for the CCJC, who worked in Canada’s federal penitentiaries for 14 years. “It goes so much against all the evidence about what keeps communities safe, and it does so much harm, and they are going to spend so much money, that it’s really surprising that there isn’t more opposition.”

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Annie said...

What kind of people does Harper reach? I have been around many years and he doesn't pick my brain and make me scared. The Churches are correct!