Monday, July 19, 2010


... or it may be their best attempt at getting people to swallow the swill being funnelled out of CON government headquarters.
Unappointed Harper biker-chick checker Maxime Bernier now claims the move was in response to "the silent majority."

"We're not there to please all special interest groups, we're there for the silent majority of Canadians," Bernier said. "I'm sure that the big majority of Canadians understand that, and will agree with our decisions."

Even though it is also admitted that there was no consultation of such.
Unless we're counting the psychic dresser hotline, perhaps. And things Stephen Harper thinks are good for you -- like a senate seat if you're fat and blue enough...
I've got a tip for you Maxime - don't ask that silent majority what they think of paying taxes, which also requires a significant amount of personal information bandied about to 'Big Government'. The kind of 'Big Government' that can create fake lakes, shut down a city, twist two provinces' arms to take on the HST-bugaboo (Don't invest in Ontario! unless...) and non-competitive contracts for billion-dollar military expenditures.
What a crock.

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