Monday, July 19, 2010


...typical CON mode of defence. Load up the guns, fire at will. Repeat.
Scott dissects the current 'non-debate' over Stephen Harper's secret decision to axe the long-form census, remarking about how there has not been much of a 'rallying cry' against the census until Harper and sock-puppet and gazebo expert Tony Clement said so. Then the CON-sheeple sat up and began to typeth on cue.
Now they've got renown lazy ex-cabinet guy and bedder of known gangster affiliates Maxime Bernier on the right wing, leading the tea-party-esque silliness. Yes, the minister who forgot his homework near the bed of a motorcycle mama. Well, I know why he doesn't want the Canadian government to know how many bedrooms he has...
The Vanity Press and the Globe and Mail's Jeffrey Simpson nail it in two different directions -- Harper wants to hide his own track record, while framing the future. He knows his electorate opportunities improve with a befuddled, ignorant and impulse driven public. Data, science and substance have no room in the decisions and actions of a Harper government. Stockwell Day and his dinosaur must be cheering very loudly from his seadoo parked in the garage.
It isn't hard to see how this could actually turn into a win for the dicta-er so-called CON leader. Grab an issue that connects in the stomach of a large enough group, hide your tracks and fuzzicate the rationale and debate. Call an election over it. Harper's core supporters are trained seals; they'll vote for fish.
By dividing the opposition's support, through means of governmental warfare, de-funding, isolating and disenfranchising, the right-wing wins.
That's the kind of Canada he wants.


Anonymous said...

Wow! All that from a census form.

So, the populace is ignorant and befuddled? Hmm, great slogan for Iggy's tour. It is another reason Liberals won't win the next election.

rockfish said...

Nope, just you and your sheeple who never ask why, just jump at Harper's twists and turns. Deficits? Hate 'em until we love 'em. Accountability? Need it unless we don't. Patronage? It's terrible until we get our share.
Taxes? Don't take any from me but take it from them. Honesty? What's that?
Time for a tinfoil tune-up, anon...

Anonymous said...

Read the posting again Rockfish.

Ignorant;befuddled it is all there.

"...never ask why?"

Because it is intrusive.I know that 180,000 Canadians didn't fill out the form last time.

Will you jail them?

Another reason? It may not be legal. It could be that it is unconstitutional to force Canadians to fill it out. You do know about the constitution? Right?


Solid data can be obtained from a voluntary form. Pollsters do it every day.

rockfish said...

Move along CONtroll, your tin-eared deceitful deceptions are only making people wonder why you've spun this issue into a big stand to hang your hat on.
I'm sure you're all for churches and social agencies steering their resources to polling; it's apparently the one industry that Harper has actually created wealth in.

Anonymous said...

I thought so rockfish.. No substance.