Wednesday, July 21, 2010

CLARITY... never an easy thing with Stephen Harper's government. There'll be no recession meant "the recession is here but we're not responsible." Canada will run no deficits turned out to be "we're already in deficit but you haven't seen nothing yet!"
When StatsCan is turning out numbers that reflect this one can't help but wonder that this kind of data is anathema of the CONs' existence.

Numbers, they say, don't lie. And the numbers say that once again, overall, Canada last year became a safer place in which to live.

Statistics Canada is reporting that the national crime rate -based on the number of crimes reported to police -dropped three per cent last year compared with 2008, and has declined 17 per cent since 1999.

Any questions as to why Harper is hoping to create a huge divisive election issue out of his 'Big Government' boogieman? Considering he's the master of Big Government, the irony is rich...

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