Friday, March 19, 2010

REASON #312...

...why Stephen Harper has to go.
This is no laughing matter, so Ritz has been gagged. It isn't sexy, either, so Raitt has been shushed.
And I think Leona Aglukkaq will make sure there are no premature body bag shipments.
Of course, all but the tinfoil CONbot brigade will recognize a trend here.
But let's try to hope that behind closed doors CON ministers aren't treating this issue with the same cavalier, self-preservation-first motives that were exposed in past health care issues.
Perhaps in between cabinet ministers' airport rage and Supreme Waffler's post-prorogation habit of daily redux platter of flip-flops, the Canadian government can man-up and put together a real plan, other than handing it over to private, profit-oriented industry to take care of the people?

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