Saturday, March 6, 2010


This week's CON budget showed little signs of a 'recalibration' or 'austerity plan'.
In fact, the thin morsels that flim-flam finance man Jimbo Flaherty painted had all the magic of Avatar by crayola.
Harper's team plans to freeze MPs' salaries at the current level -- oh, that's tough stuff. He's already wearing the most bloated, lethargic cabinet in modern history. I guess perhaps they mean to cut back on Australian speechwriters, or limit focus groups to just one box of timbits. Naturally, partisan advertisement, including the blarney, hatchet-job 10 percenters will continue to fly off the presses, with an increase of $5 million from Jack and Jill Taxpayer; but don't worry, Harper may just off-load the printing work to the U.S., as he did with the 'Economic Action Plan' signage, or maybe a German-U.S. project like Canada's pup-tent Olympic pavilion.
But what's it all mean when Flaherty, to mouth the words 'tough' and 'fiscally responsible' before the cameras, uses the government's Challenger jet -- estimated to cost $9,000 from Ottawa to London Ont. -- to fly for his dollop of photo ops?
Even CON friends from the morose Fraser Institute couldn't help but see the sham in the numbers.


CanadianSense said...

Did the cat eat the 10 Liberal MP's who have been ordered not to show for work?

Liberals accountability?

penlan said...

It's amazing how ConSense just can't seem to grasp or understand the content of the posts where he/she leaves comments. *shaking head*

CanadianSense said...


The "Cons" remain in power compliments of the 10 Liberals who refuse to show up to work.

The AirPlane trip is a rather small bill. How much more is being ignored by the LPOC in supporting the CPC Agenda?

The Dion excuse of timing again?

rockfish said...

CanSense's comments don't faze me, she's obviously stunted her growth on the koolaid. One could say that the Grits have been lacking backbone for a few years now, but if in the end the result is we get a well-buried roto-rooted CON movement I think I can stand it a little longer.
Harper supporters are becoming more and more interesting - their lack of morals and interest in integrity are now matched by their complete disdain for accountability. I sense a good comeuppance coming, and thrice filled.

rockfish said...

Oh and you forget that the NdP have been spared the role of propping up Harper for the moment, but would do exactly the same thing. Understandably so, with Layton sidelined and their funds drained by a couple of expensive provincial elections last year.

CanadianSense said...

rockfish liberal bloggers accepted the same excuse for Dion for over two years. Timing.

Ignatieff has not adopted the same excuse and have decided to avoid an election they will ensure at least ten Liberals who demanded the government unlock the doors so they could hide and not show up to VOTE on a signficant confidence supply motion. The budget and throne.

You want to blame the other political parties?

Sorry I have disdain for all political parties who muzzle their MP's to avoid providing a responsible opposition.

The coalition outnumber the gov't an can require changes to the agenda and Bills.

Two of them are NOT prepared to give the CPC a blank cheque, the Liberals are terrified, no reports cards, no prohabation, NOTHING.

The Bloc and NDP are unlikely to ever form the next government and the Liberals for following the fringe parties is going to join the dustbin of history.

Nancy Charest, Denis Coderre, Janine Krieber were canaries in the coal mine. Ignore at your peril.