Thursday, April 9, 2009


Wow. Mr Magic 8-Ball is proving to be quite prolific when it comes to dire predictions. When not using the northern star to find where he hid his own moral compass, or wiping out bushy-tailed optimistic forecasts when challenged, the so-called leader Stephen Harper is now saying the latest bad news is 'old news.'
It wasn't unexpected.

Those rosey days pre-election day, where if we were going to have a recession we'd be there already, and that there'd be no deficit under his watch, proved to be somewhat less true.

Perhaps the bridge-burning, sulking CON chessmaster missed his true calling. While he's been a wash-out as the leader of a somewhat progressive nation, he'd have made a heckuva carnival showman. He could guess your weight within five pounds, or the technical recession is on him.

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