Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I know, there's tragedy and real fear out there about the current flu that has being blamed for more than a 100 deaths and spreading around the globe.
It began in Mexico, but the Swine Flu as it's currently coined, is now heading into 'celebrity status'-phere, with the likes of ET and TMZ ready to pick up the story. Say goodbye to Susan Boyle, and adios to economic downturn - the current ratings-winning buzzword is 'Pandemic Swine!'
As is the way with celebrity, apparently the tag 'Swine Flu' is the modern-day equal to Esther Blodgett. It doesn't pass muster with those of the Jewish faith, so thus Israel has tried the handle 'The Mexican Flu', but with little success.
The scourge is now being called a killjoy by the US government, who through some helpful suggestions from the Pork Industry, are hoping that the sexy moniker 'H1N1 flu' will catch on.
Although, there are unconfirmed reports that the only other suggestion for a new tag came from Homeland security chief Janet Napolitano, who apparently preferred the 'Back Bacon Flu.'

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