Monday, April 27, 2009


The number of cases that have so far been recorded in Canada can be counted on two hands, but the growing sense of alarm over the Mexican swine flu is building.
Although one can see that the health industry is acting, one has to wonder if the Canadian government is up to the challenge.
Maintaining calm under duress has not been one of their more steady traits. And a few instances where health and action were front-and-centre showed a weakness in Stephen Harper's skill set.
The health minister appears to be putting a brave face on the situation and obviously we can credit some of that sure-handedness to the fact that Harper likely is huddling in his private partisan war room curled up in the fetal position, unable to blurt out minute dictates...
As of late Sunday, there has been no travel advisory issued (though some words of caution), as the provincial health bodies are working overtime in B.C., Ontario, Nova Scotia and Quebec as they deal with reports of people reporting in with signs of the influenza that is being blamed for the deaths of more than a 100 people in Mexico. People are changing their plans, businesses are demonstrating flexibility when it comes to concerned customers.
Let's hope that this outbreak can be contained, and that science is provided the means and funds to find the answer quickly.

UPDATE: Here's a pretty wise post on swine flu, while Cathie has some dire notes to add.

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