Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Abbott and Costello, the Marx Brothers and the Three Stooges would be stars in Stephen Harper's not-so newish northern-starless CONservative government.
But they'd lose the comedy spotlight to Harper's self-satirists.
If you didn't catch the hilarious hijinks, check out Kady's place, or Paul's quick hits, or Aaron's disection of the warrant.
This government has done the impossible: resurrected vaudeville.
You've got bumbling ministers, prat-falling through national and international affairs. A prime minister who, when not fawning over his own image, takes to the alleys to enact the fight scene from From Here To Eternity. Backroom boys offering a lifetime membership to the CON party to a dying member of parliament -- or a million dollar sweepstake winning ticket -- and now the company bigwigs - let's call them chuckles and groan -- running down the fire stairs to avoid the press they thought they could canoodle with a crock 'n bull punch line.
It's apparent now, wading through the evidence uncovered behind CON-EDY Central, that not even the CON's own people were buying all of Harper's bull.
The latest tidbits from the RCMP-aided raid on CON headquarters has turned up ties to one of the few accomplished ministers, and more than a few unaccomplished ones, too. The only person who seems to be free from this stain to date is the non-democratic Michel Fortier. I guess his disinterest in democracy has shielded him from this can of worms.
And it almost makes perfect sense that the main man has darted off for a photo op with the most despised elected official in American history. However, I don't know if being seen besides Harper's American Idol back home is going to help cover up the growing stench of the in-and-out scandal.
Maybe it's time to call in Putin.

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Demosthenes said...

"Time to call in Putin"?

Er, then I'd suggest sticking with the salad instead of the soup.

(Or at least pick the soup that isn't faintly glowing.)