Thursday, April 17, 2008


Forget about Mr In-Out and the great Liberal Conspiracy. It's pure goose for the gander.
What I'd like to know is why this poll is being played up almost entirely as a 'women's movement'?
Where were the 'gender-specific' headlines when polls showed a solid CON lead, that must of highlighted the "Heavy White Males Give Tories A Boost"?
It's not that I'm suggesting that CP or Decima are targeting Liberal support for dissection, but this kind of quick, misleading analysis certainly creates another boogeyman, or should I say boogey-woman, for those insecure, paranoid Harperoids.
Although Decima's findings, that put the Liberals ahead of CONs by 10% among female voters, is relevant, what it doesn't say is that in most recent federal elections, women have trended Liberal. It's like stating "Children Prefer Puppies to Dentists".
I also find it hilarious that the writer needed to include this conclusion: The Tories are "bedevilled by their failure to attract more support among women voters despite working hard to do so."
Who would have thought cancelling funding for women's centres, setting our environmental goals to the lowest common denominator, squashing universal child care, spending like a drunken sailor on the military, and turning secrecy and bullying into an art form wouldn't win over the ladies?
And if the margin between the two parties is a thin 3% -- the margin of error in most of these snapshots -- what does that say where most men are parking their votes? And with all recent polls that show the two parties nearly neck-n-neck, why haven't the headline writers come out and say another probable conclusion: "Alberta Keeps Tories Afloat"?
The main conclusion I can drum up from this poll is that if you're a single, heterosexual male between the ages 28-50, you should be thinking Liberal. It's way better than doing the CON late-night party-line numbers...

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