Friday, April 18, 2008


My, what a fortunate piece of timing this is.
Days after some great video and mounds of ink have been splashed about on the RCMP's attending a raid at the CON head quarters, there is a former Liberal Party member being charged with wrongdoing.
Of course, if one were a blogbot from the CON universe, it would be the kind of timing one would decry as 'deliberate.' A 'set-up.' Oh right, that's only if it shone a light on CON misdoings.
No, that the RCMP laid charges on a Liberal for having ripped off the Liberal Party of $50,000 is likely just an item that came to fruition. All the things likely just fell into place, and as the one RCMP spokesperson was quoted as saying, semi-ominously, "It's highly likely that there will be other charges."
That's nice to hear -- and hopefully the officer was referring to wrongdoers of all stripes. It appears that even after appointing the head of the RCMP, Elections Canada and an ethics commissioner, Stephen Harper still has to read the riot act.
'We're as white as snow,' he might have said, before getting nudged by Captain Multicultural-outreacher Jason Kenney.
Nope, despite already having had his own lies revealed in CON electionary deeds with a former candidate, Harper can still climb up on the white steed and pretend to be Prince Valiant. At least Friday's announcement likely bought him some more time to put the fear of death into his appointed hatchetmen.
Certainly, the charges to Corbeil are not the greatest news the Liberals could hope for after what must have seemed like a banner week. Those 'How falleth Dion' stories and columns ad nauseum had to be put on hold while members of the fifth estate had to turn their gaze to real news.
Although the charge has nothing to do with the Sponsorship Scandal, it is being linked as such. Possibly, Corbeil will have to answer for things on that file too. If it does fall that way, it should only be fair that, for a scandal so tightly wound with the Liberal brand, at least one prominent member or former member of the Liberal Party, should be indicted for it.
You see, it isn't well reported at all that Chuck Guite and Jean Brault are former CONserfative members.
Oh, but back to that lucky CON timing thing.

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