Saturday, January 12, 2008


There he goes again, Stephen Harper going on the attack.
Funny that he's accusing the head of the nuclear regulatory agency of 'threatening Canada's health care system'.
The health care system that was once one of Harper and his CONservatives' Five Priorities?
The Priority that quickly disappeared from the list once Harper figured that, like ol' buddy Bush, you can score more points with fears of terrorism than fixing wait-times?
That Priority which became even more orphaned following poll after poll, focus group after focus group in the biggest polling orgy of any Canadian government in history, which showed Harper that the public was seriously concerned about that so-called global warming thingy?
Funny how its now a concern of his -- although why it wasn't at least a question back in September when the first report on the Chalk River issue first crossed Minister Mini-Lunn's desk? Didn't Harper's psychic dresser not warn him that things like this could bite him on the butt later?
Perhaps Mini-Lunn is heading towards the witness protection program for lost CON check presenters, ala Michael Chong, Rona Ambrose and Gordon O'Connor.
Perhaps Harper's gag writer belongs to that Hollywood union that's out on strike, making the PM have to read his old teleprompter anecdotes.
If that's the case, I'll stick with Celebrity Apprentice. At least that fat, blowhard with an oversized ego and terrible hair has some knowledge of economics, and the talentless pool of sidekicks that he's going to fire will at least be an answer to a trivia question someday.

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Lizt. said...

This picture of the little dog is far cuter and innocent looking than Harper ever was, or will be. Remember Toni Clement with his wait only a few sections.....all that was ever done. Harper is trying to download everything to the Provinces.
As for trying to get rid of the lady at Chalk River, will only more alienate the female voter.