Wednesday, January 30, 2008


If Stephen Harper was a limbo dancer, he'd be grinding underground right now.
Unfortunately, he's our Prime Minister, and his 'dancing' remains a divisive ploy which smears too many people.
The politically disenfranchised, independent judiciary bodies, Lebanese-Canadians, provincial premiers, and especially Liberals, have felt his cold gaze and hot blasts during unprime ministerial eruptions. Sometimes he even assigns some duties to his underlings, but apparently it's so much fun -- making fabricated, irrational accusations and smears -- that he keeps the best lines for himself.
This so-called leader plumbed, well, not new depths for him, but familiar territory during Wednesday's Question Period. In a question poised by Bloc MP Michel Guimond, Harper spun the volley into a strange, ethnic potshot that left many people stumped, if not stunned.
The question was fairly straight forward -- had CONserfative fundraiser Leo Housakas ever paid a visit to 24 Sussex?-- related to an issue regarding possible attempts at influencing a government decision by PMO secretary Dmitri Soudas and Housakas.
His response?

The Bloc member mentioned two people who are of Greek origin, one who was an employee here in Ottawa, another one who was a supporter of the Conservative party of Montreal.
"The fact there are two Montreal gentleman of Greek origin doesn't mean there's a conspiracy here," Harper said in French.

But, then again, looking at Harper's track record, it appears to be an evasion tactic with suprising effectiveness. Now, instead of focusing on a mildly serious ethical accusation, the media is talking about 'an ethnic reference' -- which is easily turned into a deflected volley by the robotic CON blogatons.
In other words, people are left arguing whether or not this was a slur against Greek-Canadians, or a poorly executed defence of two CON comrades in arms.
Clever but disgusting just the same. When you don't have a gulag for your enemies, just divide, confuse and conquer.
Apparently the PM has no bottom line when it comes to disrespectful and even amoral behaviour. There is a church that endorses this? But one thing we can deduce from all this: Harper is the reason why the CONs fail to rise above election night numbers.
When it suits his political ambitions -- and that's really all he has, since he never worked as an economist and barely hid his contempt for Canadians' liberal society -- he uses the military, ethnic groups, even his rivals, for his own interests. But if it suits the same cause, he just as soon cast that stone. Ahh, but he who lives in glass house...
It's all a charade, as anyone who naively believed his act as Opposition Leader. His commitment to turn the Gomery report into a guide for responsible governance was as serious as Pamela Lee Anderson's next trip to the alter. The only difference is that her vows last longer than his. Even Gomery sounds as though he misses the days of Mr Dithers.
We can't say he's sunk to a new low. This is just where he lives.
But is his faith in our cynicism going to lift him to more power, or drive a stake through his ambitions? Let's pray its the latter.

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Dame said...

Your Blog became My Favorite/among favorites.../ It Reflects and analyses of the Actual Horrors of this CONservative Government in Harper's sickly and sickening Character. And this is what I am so distressed about it since day one they are in Office / No actually long before that I felt threatened by this man../
Thanks for the Great Work you do !!you have a very special brand of art here in work!!!