Saturday, January 19, 2008


Boffo-shirt model Maxime Bernier did his best imitation of an ostrich (well, since Mini-minister Lunn prior to his 'emergence' from the Harper witness protection program) this weekend when he fired off a press release (apparently the PMO read it to him) apologizing to the Republikan administration for 'mistakenly' listing their country among the world's best torturers.
CTV owl Craig Oliver's comments tonight compared Bernier's mea culpa to that of Robert Gates, US minister of defence, who had earlier in the week put a broad-brush stroke labelling NATO's contingent in southern Afghanistan as "not properly trained..."
After much great outcry and anger from various NATO countries, Gates took a page from his brother David, and presented his on-air apology...

Meanwhile, the Harper Team's clumsy response to their honest 'insult' of America's treatment of foreign prisoners, especially at Guantanamo Bay, was, to put it mildly, limp. Oliver summed it up by saying, while Gates put his apology in a press conference, with real cameras and such, Bernier's came off sounding not as sincere, being mere printed words.
But no doubt the box of Jo. Louis went over well in the Oval Office.
Perhaps all that evidence of torture actually going on made it hard for him to keep a straight face while issuing an apology.
C'mon Craig, do you know how much it costs to get an image consultant to work on weekends?
I think Stephen Harper probably had this kind of performance in mind...

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