Sunday, June 20, 2010


Should we be shocked that the story on Harper and his "Audit reveals prime minister's department flouted contracting rules", by the Canadian Press' Dean Beeby, is being hidden by the so-called 'left-wing media'?
How is this story not in every Canwest paper, or is not even available when you search google news? I always wondered how their news roll was manipulated, but I wouldn't be shocked to find that it's as open to moral corruption as some other private headline sites.
The story, which I recommend you read, is apparently only available on the Winnipeg Free Press' online edition from June 19, while one other 'publication' (likely a web-only item) has picked it up. Yes, it is a Canwest paper which has been known to think it's own thoughts now and again.
None of the other papers in the chain, or elsewhere for that matter, have printed it to date to my knowledge. Have you seen it? Send me the link if you have.
Let's not forget all the backs to scratch and regulations to be circum-navigated with all these media corporations changing hands.
Deep pocketed ethically-amputated A-holes like our so-called PM know the importance of burying the real goods -- whether its on tape or elsewhere.
I guess when even the talking points can't produce a facsimile of a distraction, smothering the truth is the only other option.
Shamefully, it is apparently working.


penlan said...

I think we'll see more about this in todays news. Yesterday, being Sunday, is a slow news day, to say the least.

Found the same article at Yahoo News:

penlan said...

Here also:

rockfish said...

The one I knew of -- it was the lone other version floating out there. It just seemed odd, as the news machine was still churning out 'happy-happy, joy-joy' stories of Harper and the G8 upcoming concert, how it's his 'Peter Noone' moment in the international media set. Certainly, if he'd had built me a fake lake just for me to lounge around I'd have a second thought - not.