Sunday, June 20, 2010


It's been repeated enough that it has become gospel.
It can't happen here because we're different.
So-called leader Stephen Harper said it on the election campaign, along with 'Canada can't afford a deficit', 'if a recession was coming to Canada it would be here by now,' and 'does this mumu make me look fat?' -- ooops, that last one was just for the tax-payer funded psychic dresser.
Nope, the lie I'm referring to about the CONs -- and I know that it's dizzying to pick just one, but let's do so, just today -- is that the Canadian banks didn't get a bailout.
Nope, they didn't. Ask Flim-flam Flaherty. Let treasury bore Stockwell channing Day assure you.
It didn't happen. Wasn't at all like all the others. Nada, mission accomplished, and all that right-wing jazz.

"The banks were actually "bailed out" to the tune of $125 billion just before and after the 2008 election — in the form of a massive purchase of questionable mortgages and other "rotten paper," in the words of one economist, held by them. This was done through the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, a federal agency."

It isn't bad enough that the so-called fiscal conservative Harper has been one of the biggest and most secretive liars this side of Tiger Woods. But now we're all on the hook for some large and dubious debts that could reveal Canada's economic stock a crock.
But hey, perhaps we now know why Harper virtually made it his own personal mission to make sure the banks didn't have to face a tax on earnings to cover these possible liabilities. Next up, possibly he'll host a telethon for BP.


WesternGrit said...

Good point. I see an election ad coming on... Voters always love those loans to the greedy rich banks... And now the Harpoons are galavanting around the globe trying to make more money for the banks - by fighting a very just bank tax...

Wow. They constantly label themselves just what they are: Big Corporate-bought-out yes-men (and they ARE mostly men)... Yet... we're only slowly turning the media "corner" to "realize" this now... Big oil. Big banks. Big religion. Big Agro (AMD, Monsanto, etc.). These guys love anything that wrecks human rights, the environment, and society in general...

Dame said...

I do remember the banks got 50 Billions at least 3 times here ...there ... and there ... and I am not Reading newspapers religiously.
Of Course they did get money from ME!!! and they are not saying thanks a lot..
Flaherty is a Big fat shameless lier ..and all the rest Of this gang.