Tuesday, February 23, 2010


...about the meddlers and meddlesome jobs they do. I think it was Anthony Newley who sang it. Or maybe Kate Smith.
Neither here nor there. But it appears old habits die hard with the CON-voluted anti-governing party, who bet their meal ticket on a racist band of hick reactionaries in Quebec, and are now being accused of tying their cannard to the growing popularity of the Wildrose Alliance of Alberta.
We can always count on that slick chess-playing huntsman, Harper, to push the envelope. Currently using the Olympics as cover for some despicable governmental organization disabling, the so-called leader is willing to soil his party's name in the homeland to prop up Rob Anders, his private dunderhead.
Prorogue once, twice, three times a loser. Like that eventual housing bubble -- remember, what happens down south typically takes 3-4 years before the echo hits here -- Harper's time is coming.

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