Monday, March 30, 2009


Apparently, this advertisement is brought to you by Stimulus to be announced...

Like so much hot air, it's meant to lull Canadians into feeling a sense of confidence despite no relation to a plan, or having to deliver some goods. Announcements for the sake of hearing the seals clap. White noise that will translate into good feelings come some later date.

Without having the authority to spend the proverbial Tory 'red-cent', Stephen Harper has been on a bit of a spree lately. Can't you feel the stimulus whipping up positive vibes and job opportunities aplenty? Well, if you're beneficiary of their media buy, perhaps those Harper plug nickels (coming soon - Harper huts, four corrogated walls for the homeless!) are helping keep you afloat. Certainly the struggling dinosaurs of the media business are thankful for many of these flotation devices labeled 'Building Bridges'. Sounds better than the message they worked on in the first few years as Canada's New Government - 'Burning Bridges.'

It's nothing new from Harper, who even in relatively good times (which is the best you can expect during Tory times), has decided a key principle to staying popular is in the selling of their message, as opposed to governing. With this talentless and surly crew, the Spin is Job One.

And with the most recent news that not even the so-called economist* is getting a bounce from playing leader of a Tide commercial-like spendathon, perhaps they'll open up that genie they've been known to rely upon?

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