Tuesday, March 31, 2009


...it's the chicken that pays the price.

Canadians have a right to know, exactly, after spending nearly a hundred thousand dollars on jetting his considerable staff to a foreign country, what's in it for us?

Why take the message to the U.S., when Stephen Harper has failed to give Canadians a clear message at home? Is this the nerdy Canuck version of 'What's it all about, Alfie?'?

After being dissed by Fox and it's lame right-wing schlock jocks just over a week ago, Canada got to watch Stephen Harper play 20-questions to their journalist de jour. Somehow, there was little time to sell Canada to the American audience as a place to invest, visit, or merely escape the foreclosure of their neighbourhoods. Instead, Harper was used by the right-wing punch card reader in an attempt to make President Obama look bad.

Haven't you been down that road already, Mr Prime Minister?

Not withstanding the economic downturn we've currently found ourselves in, couldn't our so-called leader have found a better place to make a cameo, like on Judge Judy?

Smarter minds than mine are getting to the crux of Harper's strange road trip.

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Geordie Tom said...

when I saw your heading, I thought you were talking about Iggy's tour.
Guess his makes more sense and is cheaper?
Still rubber chickens though !