Thursday, May 1, 2008


Let's just rename the CON's the Pity Party and be done with it.
Of Stephen Harper's traits, some are worse than others. That he seeks to hide them from the public should only cause alarm bells.
How many times can you blame others for your foibles?
When you advertently try to twist the rules to win, you should expect that you may get caught.
Instead, you attempt to scurry around and play favourites, dart down stairs and then tell fant-abulous lies just to blur the facts.
Then you once again impugne a rock-solid Canadian institution, just in hopes that some of the dirt you've cultivated sticks on someone else.
When your lying also means trying to defend taking $700,000 of taxpayers' hard-earned money, then it becomes a scam.
Why don't you just come out and tell the truth, instead of putting wee willie Pierre to be your cry baby?
Canadians aren't buying the crap you're pitching.
Did the Devil make you do it?


JimBobby said...

Whooee! Good one, Burl. I just discovered you gotcher own boog. I'll be droppin' by from time too time.


B-Double said...

Hey douchebag - cram your blog trolling right up your pipehole.

However, I'll give you one thing - at least you had the balls to leave a name. Most Fiberal cowards leave anonymous crap and run. Although, with a mug like yours, you may want to start doing that.

And you know what's hip? Knowing how to spell.

Know what's not? Being some middle aged dude in a cravat ranting on other people's blogs.