Wednesday, January 6, 2010


That's the sense in CON-land, because its that time of year again when so-called leader and emperor-without-clothes Stephen Harper divvies up the spoils to his most pliable, solidly bluer-than-blue true believers. Yes, it's Stacking the Senate time!
Of course, the weekly Harper 'Breaking a Hard-Fast Principle' moment will have to wait until Friday because that's when the dirty laundry gets pulled out.
But if you've been loyally sputtering out those CON talking points 'til your fingers are blue, traded all those long-held beliefs for mix-and-match lies, and show no shame when it comes to integrity, accountability and all that useless stuff, you too can be a winner!
The only skills you need are an ability to take orders, mop down Duffy twice a session, and hold your nose while looking offended.


Gary said...

Well, of course, Mr. Harper should never have appointed an single Senator. That is an action beyond the pale. How can Mr. Harper be be so malicious and undemocratic? It is a perversion for anyone except a Liberal Prime Minister to appoint a senator. Especially when he talking about ramming undemocratic ideas like electing senators through against the wishes of Canadians.

rockfish said...

It's completely in his right to appoint a senator. And there are certainly too numerous ones to mention who have been appointed by both parties that are unqualified and complete hatchet jobs. But you see, your guy promised better. He promised to improve the situation -- leaving out the '...for my guys' part.
And he's lied about the whole issue ever since. Instead of saying that the constitution and provinces are likely going to be preventing real change in the senate, he just brings out the ol' reliable lie how 'It's the Liberals fault so I've got to appoint even worse people then them!'
And then he tells us they've agreed to stand for election if and when the provinces allow it. And that they'll only sit for seven (or eight) years. But he refuses to show us that paperwork to back up his promise. And then he has Mike Duffy and Yonah Martin and more spend most of their senatorial time and money on recruiting and hocking CON spin like their Billy May.
So, you are right. Go on appoint those senators Mr Harper. It is your right. But I do seem to recall Martin appointing Conservatives to the upper chamber, and Chretien appointing independents and members from other parties. So if its the flattery you're trying to reach, stick to fact.