Thursday, November 27, 2008


... is what the CON's pointed attack at the opposition parties should serve as.
If you are a supporter of an opposition party and you read the news today about how much your team relies on public funding, you likely were shocked or at least discomforted.
The Bloc gets 86% of its financing from the dispersal of money from the $1.90-a-vote subsidy. Elizabeth May's team, which has just recently emerged on the national stage and reached the threshhold necessary for a piece of the pie, is reliant on it to the point of 65%. And us Liberals? A whopping 63% of our current funds come this way, while the NdP slightly less at 57%. Still, a far cry from the CON-temptors, who pulled in the highest total last election but it only accounts for 35% of their receivables.
Reading a sample of the better blogs, I sense the anger and passion that Harper's attempts at handcuffing opposition has done. It has also apparently created a united front in Ottawa. That all opposition parties appear on side and ready to stand up is a very positive step. Not just because of this but also for the fact that Flaherty's faux fiscal update ignores the current climate of fear sweeping across the nation. The meme from Thursday's blarney is merely a Tommy Flanagan whip to whack the achilles of the opposition.
However, another message should be received loud and clear. It is time to get into action; we can't wait for a new leader, whom ever that is, to unveil a new model and a new strategy. Reaching out, spreading the news and providing real, concise reasons for Canadians to donate must be done now. This is the kind of moment that have gotten the CONs in their wealth creation scheme. This is the way that we can help our party, and help prepare to stand up for Canada. Really. Because the last guy to use that slogan really has been sitting down on the job.
Mr. Dion, get head office to unleash a well-thought out, direct pitch to members and former members, the general public, et al. Michael, Bob and Domenic, now is the time to share your ideas with the head office, don't hold back. By looking at the CON strategy here, there is no tomorrow.
And you. Get up and donate. NOW.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps it's also time for those who are not yet involved in their riding to start doing so. The page to access for info is here.

burlivespipe said...

Agreed. Right now the pressure is on to donate in the leadership race, but I'm hoping that people will see that this moment in time there needs to be a joint action plan -- get behind the party, whether it's at the national level or the local riding level, because it's all about a healthy, viable and strong party. Donating to either is a sign of support for the leader, now and the future.
That in mind, I'm both a Victory and BC Builder member; I also just donated $75. My job is not 100% sure right now, but I am looking at the positive. Others may not be in that comfort zone at this time.
The need for any donation is now, to prepare the battle ground for the future, but also to help combat Harper's mean-spirited, divisive tactics.

WesternGrit said...

Victory Fund too... and I make a point of maximizing my donation - ergo tax credit - every year. I like the big tax credit at tax time...

penlan said...

Some of us are totally disenfranchised & unable to donate money. I spent the last election volunteering for my local Lib candidate - who lost. But even though I can't give money I can give my time to the Party & the riding in my community.

Those of us in my position need those funding dollars from the votes. That money represents ME & all others in my position. And there are a lot more of us than anyone realizes.

There is nothing left for me "to tighten my belt" further. When you don't have enough money to even buy the food you need every month there is no more tightening other than to be homeless or not eat.

I am infuriated by Harper's games & his inaction on the fiscal crisis - at least to help the manufacturing industry & others who are losing jobs by the thousands. And so many people are having a hard time of it now how can they donate to a Party when they have basic needs to be met first. Donating is the last thing on their minds.

burlivespipe said...

Very true. That's why your example -- donating time and passion -- is of equal importance. In my riding we saw a huge drop in votes but there were personal rewards for participating, great people, talking about the ideas and interests we share.
Even in a non-election period, there are things that people can do to support the party if they are unable to donate. I really support the positive action of writing letters to the newspapers, both national and local. That keeps the discussion going, builds the argument and also the feeling among fellow progressives that we are battling together.
It is something very important, IMHO.