Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Well, it should be tried, at least. True? Stephen Harper can't handle the truth. The veracity of it all stretches plausibility from someone who's control-freakiness includes tightly scripted photo ops, thorough vetting of his caucus' schedules, warring with the media, and a need to create a puffed-up perception of his intellect.

Funny, there's plenty of similarities of this to this... A man who has studied the field of intellectual property, who has done the rigors of higher academia, a person who understands the rights and wrongs about stealing someone else's ideas and words... Oh right, being a CONservative that niggling ethics thing wouldn't apply.

When Harper asks someone to fall on their sword, does it come with a golden parachute?

Do all those CON donors know exactly what they're subsidizing - the Harper Apology Agency?

Or does this give Lippert more time to finish that Harper book on hockey?

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